Bibilola Sola T, The Artist

Bibilola Sola T is a multi-business man living and working in the US.

Bibilola Sola T, full name, Joseph Bibilola Sola Tafa was born in Nigeria in 1953 and brought up in Ghana. His child hood name was Kwadwo Tafa Joseph, the name he was called when he was growing up in Worawora, the Volta Region part of Ghana. Both his mother and father were Nigerian citizens living and doing business in Ghana.

In 1969 he had just started his secondary school education at a boarding school, the Kadjebi secondary school when his parents left him in Ghana, under circumstances beyond their control, for Nigeria. Bibilola Sola T, who was just 16 years then, was told by his father to decide if he wanted to join them for their journey to Nigeria.

“My father knew what my decision would be then but he wanted to hear it from me”. Bibilola Sola T decided to stay even though he knew then that without the love and protection and support of his father and mother, the future for him and his secondary school education in Ghana was not guaranteed to be a successful or an easy one, to say the least. Before their departure, his mother looked at him and said “don’t worry son, God will be with you, and remember, whatever would be good for you that is what God would do for you.”

He knew in his heart his father would not leave the decision for him to make if he thought for a second that Bibilola Sola T was incapable of taking care of himself for parents know the children they have raised.

 At the departure of his parents, Bibilola Sola T overnight was transformed from a child to a man. He was a man who had to make decisions on his own, had to advice himself on where to go, when to go, what to do, what to say, where to live, in short, fend for himself with little or no help. “I was a horse without a stable” he says in one of his compositions. “As I look back, these were the years that were to make me the person I am today. The people I lived with them during the holidays from school, the pressure I faced from my peers in high school, the challenges I faced from the adults I lived with, all shaped my outlook of life. I calculated and planned every step I took knowing that I was on my own,” he used to tell his close friends. He also, never forgot his father’s last words before leaving him in Ghana. The words were “be careful son, be careful of the company you keep, be careful of the words you speak, be careful, be careful, be careful.”

 Against all odds, Bibilola Sola T, always careful in everything he did, completed high school with excellent grades in 1974 and got his first job as a teacher in a private primary school where he worked for a year.

In 1975 he moved to Nigeria, took a teaching job as a secondary school teacher in his father’s home town, Offa, Kwara State. After teaching at the Offa grammar school for one year, he moved to Jos, Plateau state where he worked as a clerk at the Ministry of Education. One year after that, Bibilola Sola T was employed by the Daily Times of Nigeria, where he got trained as a Journalist.

At the Daily Times, he was assigned to the labor desk where he worked as a labor reporter. As a reporter, he also had a newspaper column with the Evening Times of Nigeria where he wrote under the title, “Labor World by Joe Tafa” covering and writing labor news analysis as they happened in Nigeria. His job as a journalist gave him the opportunity to learn about Nigeria as it afforded him the opportunity to travel all over the country covering labor news events.

In 1981, Bibilola Sola T moved to the US to study. He paid his way through college working at night clubs and restaurants in the night and going to school in the day time. Eventually, against all odds again, he got degrees from the University of the District of Columbia and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While in college, he studied music with private music teachers taking piano lessons and learning how to make up his own songs.

Most of his songs center around the places he has been and his experiences in life. Bibilola Sola T is a natural born musician, he was born to jam. When he was growing up, he would invite his friends to his house, sit in the open compound where under the moonlight nights, he would play his drums to the singing of his sisters, to entertain themselves. No one taught him how to play the drums, he taught himself.

His first album “Spicy Black Man with Secrets of Love” was independently released on his label “Crown Eagle Music”. This album which was co-produced with his friend David Brewington, did not get a wide publicity and lacking the finance, Bibilola Sola T was unable to do a marketing campaign to get any attention for it. Undaunted, he continues composing and recording songs for future release. He has more than 200 compositions in his archive. The world would be hearing these songs soon.